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Specialist bedrijfsvastgoed

Broker for corporate real estate

Need a specialised broker for your company?
CD-Vastgoed exclusively intervenes in commercial real estate deals.
Sale and rental of offices, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings are our core business. Each of our brokers is specialist in his niche market.

Easy communication

We intend to listen, to make good agreements, without any empty promises, and a quick follow-up. By listening carefully to the demands of our clients and using our pro-active approach we are able to offer specific solutions in every case.

Thorough expertise in your region

Are you looking for a reliable broker with knowledge of the regional market?
With over 20 years of experience CD-Vastgoed is an established partner in corporate real estate with services rendered in the provinces of Antwerp, East-Flanders and West-Flanders.

Own a property?

If you want to sell or let your property, CD-Vastgoed is the right partner to put your commercial premises on the real estate market. We will assist you through your real estate case to make it an exceptional deal. Take a look at our references.
kantoor CD-Vastgoed

Who is CD-Vastgoed?

CD-Vastgoed is a specialised team of brokers who negotiate in sale and lease of commercial real estate. Offices, warehouses, industrial sites and retail are our core business.

CD-Vastgoed is a leading broker towards business premises with a focus on the region of Antwerp and East-Flanders with an expertise over 20 years. Our wide range of business properties offers an extraordinary flexibility to respond to the demand. By analysing our customer’s requirements we are able to offer a suitable building that fits to his/her needs and activities.
It is no coincidence that in the last decade CD-Vastgoed took the prominent first place of all brokers on the local office market in Ghent. We are also proud with the 9th place on the national ranking in this niche market.


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